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Presentation of BCI & Demo of a P300 Speller experiment, by Maureen Clerc

Interfacing the brain with a computer is possible. Maureen Clerc, Research Director in Athena project team, INRIA Sophia Antipolis-Méditerranée and Scientific Leader of Inria Project Lab BCI-LIFT, explained  how the cerebral activity can be transformed in a command. The pesentation was followed by a real-life experience with a P300 speller. Nathalie Gayraud  and Nathanael Foy, …

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Scientific outreach about BCI in Lyon, by BCI-LIFT members

BCI-LIFT members F. Lotte (Inria Bordeaux), J. Mattout and M. Maby (Inserm Lyon) made a presentation and demonstration about BCI, targeted at the general public, in Lyon, in the Lavoir public. Details and pictures of this presentation entitled “Peut-on tout contrôler par la pensée” are available there: http://www.docforum-lyon.com/culture-numerique/3-novembre-peut-on-tout-controler-par-la-pensee/

BCI presented at the Forum Libération in Rennes

Anatole Lécuyer au Forum Libération de Rennes, 12 avril 2014: “On peut déjà piloter une machine avec son cerveau”